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Mental Health

Good mental health is instrumental for leading a functional, social, healthy life. For some, achieving this happy and stable state of mind is not easy. Whether a particular event has caused a decline in your Mental Health or ongoing stress has worn you down, the best thing to do is start by talking to your trusted GP. Anyone of any age can experience mental health issues, and the support from a qualified professional can be life-changing. Please Book a Consultation with our caring practitioners. If you are concerned about a loved one, advise them to visit our clinic.

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positive medical experience

Our commitment to a ‘positive medical experience’ is evident in how our practitioners handle mental health concerns. Without judgment, our doctors can discuss psychological health problems, including depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, phobias and more. The aim is to tailor a mental health plan according to the individual needs.

ongoing support

If ongoing mental health support is needed, the GPs at our clinic can refer you to a well-suited professional. We are connected to a diverse range of mental health professionals, each with niche skills work through all types of psychological obstacles that are preventing patients from living their best lives.

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Frequently asked questions...

It is a great first step to see a GP for mental health concerns. There are a wide variety of mental health problems that can affect individuals from functioning well in their daily lives. An experienced GP will provide guidance for a patient’s particular needs. Feel free to make an appointment online or by phone.

Good mental health is extremely important because it underpins a person’s ability to function socially and emotionally in their community. Daily life can be exceedingly difficult for someone with untreated mental health issues.

Our range of services is ever-expanding. It is best to contact our receptionist to discuss whether we can provide expert mental health treatment at this time.

Yes, a mental health care plan from a GP will allow a certain number of free services to assist a person with the costs of mental health treatment in Victoria.

Our practitioners are experienced in being a first point of contact for those experiencing mental health struggles. Oftentimes, an initial consultation is a great way for the GP to get the ball rolling with ongoing mental health services. This may lead to specialist referrals, assessments, pathology, short term medication or otherwise.

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