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GPs play a vital role in managing a patient’s healthcare following a traffic accident. At Family Health Clinics Malvern, our GPs are available to support and promote physical and mental recovery and rehabilitation. There are guidelines that GPs follow per TAC to assess and track the outcomes and progress of an individual’s journey post-accident. It is valuable for the patient to have a competent GP to manage the process of TAC documentation, including compensation, return to work scenarios and ongoing prescribed medications. Feel free to Book a Consultation if you have been involved in a traffic accident.

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If you have experienced the unfortunate situation of being in a road traffic accident, rest assured that our GPs can support you through this difficult time. At Family Health Clinics Malvern, our GPs can manage the many aspects of treatments, TAC documentation and progress tracking.

It is valuable for the patient to have a competent GP to manage the process of TAC documentation, including compensation, return to work scenarios and ongoing prescribed medications. Feel free to book a consultation if you have been involved in a traffic accident.

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Following a road accident, many physical, mental and social challenges arise. With the help of one of our GPs, situations such as returning to health, rehabilitation, specialist appointment bookings, TAC compensation, returning to work assessments and clearance and more can be organised for our patients.

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Every Workcover claim is unique, as there are a myriad of illnesses and injury types that can occur in the workplace. We recommend bringing evidence of your work contract, any reference or case number given by Workcover (if you have already spoken to them), any hospital reports (if applicable), emergency reports (if applicable) and other relevant information to the medical problem you are experiencing.

If you would like to visit our clinic for medical support for a Workcover claim, simply contact our rooms and advise our friendly receptionist. An initial Workcover appointment at the GP may be an extended consultation to ensure that all relevant paperwork can be read and recorded.

It is a GP’s role to make sure that patients who have been injured or become ill from their work environment, receive adequate medical treatment to help them recover and rehabilitate. The ultimate goal, if the situation allows, is to encourage the patient to get back to work. There are health assessment documents that a GP will need to complete to assist patients with their Workcover case.

In short, there is a mandatory obligation for employers to pay Workcover contributions annually. This money is used to fund Workcover claims.

Workcover insurance exists to pay out the costs associated with an illness or injury sustained by a person in their workplace. In general, all medical costs including allied health treatments as well as compensation for lost wages will be covered by Workcover.

When you make an appointment with Family Health Clinics for a transport related consultation, please advise the receptionist the nature of your appointment, as a longer initial visit may be required. There is often extra paperwork for doctors to read and record.
Once you lodge a TAC claim, you will be assigned a claim number. You will need to provide this claim number to your GP and all other specialists, who may be involved in your treatment and recovery. Some employers will also need proof of TAC claim as well.
In circumstances where TAC needs to pay out your pre-accident earnings or partial loss of earnings, the payments will be taxable.
Those who have been injured in a transport accident may be eligible for compensation for medical expenses by the TAC. Often, the first step of gathering hospital reports, police reports and witness statements can have an impact on whether the claim progresses or not. It is recommended to keep all these documents. Then follow the steps on the TAC website.
All evidence about the accident and hospital reports and receipts will be important to lodge with your claim. It is good to get the ball rolling as soon as possible, and a GP can help with this.

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