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Minor Surgical Procedures

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There are some minimally invasive procedures that are achievable in the comfort of a general health practitioner’s rooms. These include; minor skin biopsies, cryotherapy (dry ice) for warts or skin tags, stitches and more. During your visit with our experienced practitioners, your individual procedural needs can be discussed and carried out if this deemed necessary and safe. Feel free to contact our clinic to learn more about the minor surgical procedures we offer.

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Whether you have noticed a skin abnormality, suffered a minor injury, require the safe insertion of a contraceptive device or need any other minor surgical procedure done, our clinic is a good starting point. Our GP’s are confident and competent in carrying out all the minor procedures that are expected of general practitioners in a calm setting.

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Often, the relaxed environment of the GP clinic can help young and old feel at ease during a minor medical procedure. Rather than waiting to see a specialist, our GP’s may be able to carry out necessary

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The best starting point for any medical issue is to book a GP consultation to discuss your needs. This will allow the GP to assess whether you would benefit from a minor surgery at Family Health Clinics or otherwise.

Medicare may cover some or all of the fees of a minor surgery. Often there are out of pocket fees for pathology or additional investigation required post-surgery. Once you know what minor surgery you require, you can find out whether there will be gap fees.

Although laparoscopy only requires a small incision, it requires general anaesthetic and therefore it is a procedure that cannot be performed in a GP practice. A consultation with our GP can refer you to the suitable expert for a laparoscopy.

In short, most procedures that can be carried out on superficial tissues are classified as minor surgery. They can be performed with standard equipment and with nothing more than a local anaesthetic. Recovery from minor surgery is localised and low risk. Family Health Clinics have experienced GPs to assist with most minor surgery needs.

Minor surgeries we can perform at the clinic include, and are not limited to, abnormal skin removal, cryotherapy, biopsy, wound stitching and more. It is best to discuss your minor surgery needs during a GP consultation.

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