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Doctor Near Me in Malvern!

Are you looking for a doctor close by in Malvern?

Searching for a great doctor that you click with isn’t always a simple task. Many spend years trying to find a GP that meets all their needs. If you’ve just moved to Malvern or its surrounding areas and are looking at you or your family becoming patient/s at your local GP/are looking for a local GP for yourself and your family, here are a few critical aspects that you should factor into your search:

Family Health Clinic Malvern

When searching for your new GP, we now have the luxury and ease of searching the internet for doctors near medr near me or doctors around me, and Google will produce many results relating to this search based on your location. Based in the heart of Malvern, and encompassing medical care and allied health services, Family Health Clinics Malvern will be one of the first choices presented to you in your search. Visit our website to view all the services we include under one roof, so you will never have to visit multiple locations for your medical and healthcare needs.

Read the reviews

As we would before purchasing a new product or service, reading the reviews for family health clinics to find your ideal local GP and allied health services is also critical. Most general practitioners in Australia have very similar skill sets, however, you may be looking for someone who regularly works with those battling mental illness, or perhaps someone who is very good with small children, or maybe even a female GP if you are a woman and prefer to see only female GP’s. Reviews provide a window into local businesses and are usually based on personal experiences. You may find that someone who has previously left a review on how empathetic a doctor was, or how someone seeking chiropractic services was treated completely on their first visit can assist you in making a wise choice about your new family health clinic.


Since COVID-19 restriction, telehealth provides convenient doctor/patient consultations and also applies to allied health services based at the clinic. For example, you may wish to speak with a psychologist and in order to do so, you usually need a mental health assessment plan from your GP, as well as a referral to this service. If you speak with one of our GP’s, we can liaise with your referral to organise your counselling appointments around whether you may need prescription medications or general practitioner advice in conjunction with psychological expertise.

Option 2 – For example, you may wish to speak with a psychologist and to do so, you usually need a mental health assessment plan from your GP, and a referral to this service. Whether you may need prescription medications or general practitioner advice in conjunction with psychological expertise, you can speak with one of our GPs. We will liaise with your referral to organise your counselling appointments.

To be eligible for telehealth consultations, you must first ensure that you have physically attended the family health clinic or medical centre of your choice at least once in a 12-month period, however, from this point on, you can make an online booking or appointment via phone for your next consultation to be held via telehealth. We know many people are still adjusting to a covid-normal now, and by continuing to provide telehealth as an option instead of only providing physical consultations at our doctor’s office, we continue to provide health care that works best for you. We also recommend healthy diet and companies such as GDS or Gourmet Dinner Service are really good in providing healthy meal delivery services in Melbourne and other major cities.

Transfer of Medical Records

We can easily facilitate a transfer of your medical records from your previous GP to us. Having your medical records sent to your new GP can help with a wide array of historical data that can help your GP determine the best course of action for any treatment you may need in the future. Your medical records encompass general health information, existing conditions, medication history and immunisation records. Many of us can forget dates we’ve received immunisations or treatments or even medication we’ve used in the past. Your medical records provide your doctor with an overview of all of these factors. You can request a copy of your records to be sent to us, but please keep in mind that there may be a delay in receiving these as some practices are quite busy processing multiple documents at once. Please also note that a fee may be involved in the transfer from your previous medical centre to Family Health Clinics. You can submit a request for the transfer of your medical records by visiting this link:

A bit about Malvern

Have you recently moved or are thinking of moving to Malvern? Located about 8km southeast of Melbourne’s CBD, Malvern is a part of the City of Stonnington. Situated in the middle of Toorak, Caulfield, Armadale, Kooyong, Glen Iris and Hawthorn, this thriving inner-city suburb is supremely located in the heart of Melbourne’s inner-East, where shopping, dining and period architecture adorn, creating this stunning and bustling area.

Notable for playing host to Malvern Central and the Glenferrie Road shopping precinct, Malvern experiences roaring trade, making it easy for you to source your needs locally. A blended community, inclusive of many cultural and religious landmarks, Malvern is also home to many luscious green gardens and pleasant walking strips.

We chose Malvern to be our base for Family Health Clinics specifically because it’s a family area, a welcoming community and a pocket where we feel we could really help many thrive and lead long, healthy lives.

Protect your family by giving Family Health Clinics Malvern a call to book your periodic check up today.

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